We. Us. Everyone.

JSEInfotech’s mission statement can be summed up in two words:
“Unleashing Intelligence”

The company’s leadership and the heart of its operating model, derives this statement from one major premise, that intelligence is a natural occurrence and that it [intelligence] is inherent within all forms of life especially human beings.

This belief thus serves as a platform and solid foundation for the cultivation of all forms of learning and development. The company intends to employ, as many of its individual and collective resources, throughout the various stages of its own growth and development to the formulation of a Brains Trust, that will carry out exactly what the mission statement intends to embody:

“Unleashing Intelligence by investing in people through its products, services and solutions…”

Extensive range of products for Enterprise, Institution and Consumer in Information and Communication Technology, Business Supplies and Education.
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Targeted Services that compliments the range of products and assists Organisations, Groups and Individuals in Launching and Developing their operation.
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Integrated Solutions aimed at Diversity in customer needs and objectives. Constant research and development in order to improve our value proposition.
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“Fanatical Attention to Detail”
Strategic Advantage

For JSEInfotech this means the same as, ‘Going back to Basics’. We pay attention to how we present ourselves, how we communicate and how we provide our services to name but a few. The aforementioned approach to managing our relationships ensures not only sustained growth in ‘supply and demand’, but assurance in quality, trust and reliability.

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“Saving Costs Without Sacrificing on Quality”
Marketing Advantage

Deliver quality goods and services, at the best possible price, within the best
possible time and with the best possible attitude.

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State of the Art

The modern world as we know it will be unable to function without modern technology and it’s innovations, due to the almost total reliance that global business, social and political systems have placed on these tools. JSEInfotech believes that greater efficiency and much more economically viable solutions can be derived by innovating and investing in the development of Human Resource Capital. Finding and implementing
innovative Ideas and ‘Mining’ for value to the point of Self-actualization.

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“Strive for Perfection”
World Class Quality

JSEInfotech believes that Perfection can be found in the process of ‘striving’. Nothing in Life and more so in Business can ever be
deemed as being perfect. JSEInfotech’s
management, understanding diversity and holding firm to it’s belief that ‘Intelligence is Inherent’ in all forms of life, will always strive for perfection in all of its activities, processes and relationships.

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“Constant Improvement
Research and Development

No Business can ‘remain’ or ‘survive’ without constant improvement. JSEInfotech endeavours to constantly improve in its customer service and product offering as well it’s own growth and development by means of constantly evaluating and updating its ‘value proposition’.